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Close to You

We listened to Close to You, by Sarah Vaughan. Released 1960.

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Ride this Train

We listened to Ride this Train, by Johnny Cash. Released September, 1960.

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Sold Out

We listened to Sold Out, by Kingston Trio. Released April, 1960.

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Ba Ma Hit Parade

We listened to Ba Ma Hit Parade, by King Eric and His Knights. Released 1960.


Listening Party tonight!

It's been a while since we listened to records here at the Listening Project. Tonight we'll be heading into 1960, with at least two of the following three LPs (all three if we get ambitious): Close to You · Sarah Vaughan · 1960 Sold Out · Kingston Trio · 1960 Ba Ma Hit Parade · King Eric and His Knights · 1960 The needle drops at 8:00 Eastern. . . .

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The "Twangs" the "Thang"

We listened to The "Twangs" the "Thang", by Duane Eddy. Released 1959.

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An Evening of Folk Songs and Calypso with the Islanders

We listened to An Evening of Folk Songs and Calypso with the Islanders, by Harry Belafonte. Released 1959.

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Fabulous Harmonica

We listened to Fabulous Harmonica, by Yama Yama Man. Released 1959.

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I Dig Chicks!

We listened to I Dig Chicks!, by Jonah Jones Quartet. Released 1959.

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Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous

We listened to Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous, by Johnny Cash. Released November 13, 1958.