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Listening Party Tonight!

It’s been quite a long time, but the Listening Project is back! We thought we were through with the 1950s but then we went and added to the collection again so. . . we’re going to try and power through what’s left of the 50s tonight. The needle will drop on the first LP at 7:45pm EDT.

On the menu for tonight, if we get through them all: Kitty Wells, Pearl Bailey, some cool calypso, and some dude we’ve never heard of who’s bound to be awful (but the cover photo is funny).

A refresher on how it works: as the needle drops on each record, a new post will appear on this site with that record’s title. As we listen, we’ll discuss the record in the comments on that post. While you can’t listen along, you can still join the conversation, and we’ll try to post links to where you can hear a few of the tracks online. The conversation is often tangential to the music anyway. See you at 7:45!

Posted by jodi on March 22, 2014 at 6.02pm in housekeeping
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