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About the Project

Welcome to Peter and Jodi’s Listening Project!

About the project

We’re listening to all our vinyl LPs in chronological order by release date, and blogging about it while we do. Why?

In around 1996, when Jodi lived in a tiny attic apartment with two cats and no television, she spent a month or so listening to all her records (then numbering less than a hundred) in alphabetical order for fun. This exercise led to some (fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your outlook) subsequent weeding of the collection in areas that, when listened to alphabetically, became somewhat of a drag to get through; notable areas weeded out entirely included ABBA, the Bay City Rollers and the Bee Gees. Peter thinks this is just as well, but Jodi’s a little sad in retrospect to see those thing gone.

At the beginning of 2008, Jodi decided to add listening to their entire combined record collection in alphabetical order to her list of goals for the year. Peter, anticipating the inevitable painful times bogged down in too many records in a row from a single artist, suggested that a chronological reading would be a more interesting way to look at the collection as a whole. And so the preparations began.

Peter wrote a database for the collection, and Jodi inventoried it. It’s nice carrying a list of all your LPs in your wallet for those times when you’re at the Value Village and you just can’t remember whether you have enough copies of Whipped Cream and Other Delights! Once the database was filled up with stuff, this site was developed, and here we are. We’ll announce when we’re going to be listening well in advance, and carry on remarkably witty and insightful conversations in the comments of our listening posts (one for each fabulous LP in the collection). And of course, everyone is invited to join the fun!

About Peter and Jodi

Peter grew up in London, Ontario and his formative years were spent doing something frightfully interesting that Jodi can’t quite write about in a compelling manner. His first celebrity crush was Jean Stapleton, which Jodi only put here as a placeholder and to see if he’ll just change the crush to somebody else. Peter spent his teen years playing guitar in his bedroom and his twenties taping Night Lines with David Wisdom off CBC Radio. He’s perfectly willing to get up at an ungodly hour on Sunday mornings and drive for two hours back to London in order to play ball hockey with the same bunch of guys he’s been playing with for 20 years. He is currently a librarian at the University of Windsor’s Leddy Library, where he gets his fill of dusty boxes of old LPs. The first record he ever bought was KISS Double Platinum. He no longer has it. He expects to become a model train enthusiast in his retirement years.

Jodi grew up in Huron Park, Ontario and was raised on Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and schmaltzy country-rock. Her first celebrity crush was Joan Jett, which later morphed into a desire to be Joan Jett dating Mark Holmes from Platinum Blonde, which clearly wasn’t going to work out either. She spent her teen years taping music videos off Video Hits with Samantha Taylor and Good Rockin’ Tonite with Terry David Mulligan, and listening to stoner music in smoky basements with older boys who had dropped out of school. Jodi is an artist, (sometimes) an art educator, and an independent knitwear designer, which is a fancy way of saying underemployed. She’s got a lot of ambitions though, which currently include learning accordion and joining a klezmer band, learning how to mix a vast array of classic cocktails, and becoming that person over by the bar who can beat everyone in an arm wrestle. The first record she ever bought was Edward Bear’s Last Song for five cents at a rummage sale; the first record she bought brand new was Culture Club’s Kissing to be Clever.

Peter started high school in 1979; Jodi started in 1985. That ought to explain a lot about the nature of The Listening Project collection.

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